CRYSTAL LITTER is a relatively new product whose primary benefit is super odor control. It is composed of silica sand (SiO2), one of the most abundant substances in nature. Through advanced processing, this sand is converted into crystals; each crystal contains millions of microscopic pores, which exhale moisture from cat urine. The quartz sand is heated to melting temperature and then rapidly cooled in water. Next, it is dried out, sifted and sized.

This advanced technology provides the greatest odor control of any type of litter. The crystals also pull moisture from the droppings, which further minimizes odor. It is becoming the favorite among those with smaller living quarters, such as apartments or townhomes, because of its very superior odor control.

Features & Benefits:

  • Super odor control – (Most types of litter claim this, but none can match crystals)
  • Non-toxic to pets and children
  • Less landfill waste – Biodegradable
  • Comparable price to clumping litter on a monthly basis, slightly more
  • Contains No crystalline silica (which is present in clay litters and may be carcinogenic)

BEWARE! CRYSTAL BLEND, MIX, etc. – A marketing gimmick. These are usually clumping litters with about 5% added crystals. They should be categorized according to their primary component. They do not function like crystal litters. Any litter called “Crystal Litter” should contain 100% SiO2 Crystals.

THE TRUTH – Odor control is the most desirable benefit for cat owners. So almost all litters make some claim in this regard and the truth gets drowned in a sea of wildly overstated claims. You want the truth? Try our brand of crystal litter. Some are better than others, so you might as well try the best, but all crystal litters deliver superior odor control. Check it out.