Why are there two shapes of litter, round and chunk shaped?

ROUND is specially designed for use in automatic (electric) litterboxes, such as Scoopfree® and littermaid®. Many users with standard litterboxes also prefer round because it has a slightly longer useful life, and is more gentle on the cat’s paws. The only drawback is that the crystals roll far on hard surfaces if displaced by a [...]

How long does it last?

One bag will last the average cat about three weeks under ordinary circumstances. One bag lasts one cat one month*. This claim is made by almost every crystal litter out there. It works like this: First of all, the litterbox should be filled to a depth of two inches (8 cm) for the crystals to [...]

My cat is hesitant to use the new litter. What should I do?

Mix small amounts of FreshMagic with the old litter, and increase gradually while reducing the amount of the old litter. After two weeks, clean box and use FreshMagic only. Your cat should now be accustomed to the new litter. This small effort on your part will return a world of benefits.

How does FreshMagic work?

Short answer: like magic! Absorption is what happens when a sponge soaks up urine. The urine remains in the sponge unchanged, and the odor still emanates from the sponge, just as occurs with other cat litters. Adsorption is a chemical interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs. The crystals contain millions of microscopic pores [...]

What is crystal litter?

The product is made from silica (quartz) sand, a naturally occurring earth mineral. This product is silicon dioxide (SiO2), also called silica, silica gel, or silica sand. It is chemically and biologically inert.

Is it safe for pets and children?

This product is completely nontoxic to pets and humans. Silicon dioxide is used as a food additive in such products as beer, salt substitutes (Diamond Crystal® Salt Sense) and dry coffee creamers. Obviously, because of the contact between cat litter and the cat's eliminations, a physician should be consulted if any child is suspected of [...]

Do I have to scoop the cat droppings?

Yes. The product will dry out the droppings, and the occasional diarrhea by gradually pulling moisture from them, and will reduce odor, but regular scooping is recommended. You will need a scoop with wide slots, so the crystals fall through the slots.

Is litter tracking an issue?

FreshMagic crystals are specially sized to defeat the messy tracking associated with standard litters. You do not want litter tracked through your home, and Fresh Magic keeps this to a minimum.

Is FreshMagic Biodegradable?

Yes. FreshMagic crystals are 100% biodegradable. In fact, we were "green" before it was fashionable. When put in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely absorbs into the earth in about one month. Fresh Magic causes up to 80% less landfill waste than some litters.

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