Leo wants everyone hooked on FreshMagic!

Leo wants everyone hooked on FreshMagic!

Our Vision:
A world of mutual harmony and enjoyment among animals and humans.

Our Mission:
To be the premier provider of products and services
that support the natural elegance of pets and their owners.


FreshMagic cat litter was founded by Leo Lane. Leo has been a principal in a marketing research firm specializing in consumer behavior. In this capacity, Leo has worked with the marketing teams of Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. Leo recently sold a pet products business and has an extensive background in the pet industry.

FreshMagic was the first crystal cat litter introduced in the United States. Public records from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office easily verify this. Just look up Freshmagic at www.USPTO.gov, and compare dates of first use in commerce (April, 1996) and registration (Dec. 1, 1997) with any other brand. The product was first introduced at a trade show in Las Vegas in 1995. FreshMagic is a registered trademark.

But the real story began some years ago.

Leo’s Grandmother was a neat, clean and charming woman, who lived in an orderly, spotless house. She had two cats that she adored. Her cats, like her home, were always clean and well kept – but that awful cat box odor was always present.

Leo knew that this did not represent his grandmother, and that cats were by nature tidy animals. They usually tried to cover their droppings by kicking the cat litter over the droppings. They spent a good deal of time licking themselves to stay clean. Leo realized that this was a problem looking for a solution.